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Fostering Inclusive Growth - The Leeds Social Progress Index

The city of Leeds faced challenges related to a lack of understanding of population outcomes and the absence of outcome data to inform an inclusive growth strategy. The Head of Economic Policy sought Impera's expertise to build a Social Progress Index (SPI) at a ward level, consolidating 50+ outcome datasets and providing training for key staff and councillors.

The objectives were:

  1. Develop a ward-level Social Progress Index for Leeds

  2. Provide training for staff and councillors to enhance data literacy.

  3. Inform policy and strategy design for inclusive growth and the Leeds Best City Ambition

Impera developed the following solutions:

1.Leeds Social Progress Index: Developed and implemented the Leeds Social Progress Index, known as "Inclusive Growth Leeds," providing detailed insights at the ward level.

2.Training and Coaching: Provided training sessions for key staff and councillors to enhance data literacy

Offered coaching for the internal business intelligence team to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement

3.Stakeholder Engagement: Conducted stakeholder presentations to foster collaboration and transparent communication

A new baseline measurement tool was established for the Leeds Inclusive Growth Strategy. A new informed policy strategy was designed for inclusive growth and the Leeds Best City Ambition. The Leeds Social Progress Index was publicly launched bringing about greater transparency of outcomes. This contributed  to the Leeds Best City Ambition, aligning with the city's vision for excellence

Impera's contribution to the development of the Leeds Social Progress Index has not only addressed immediate challenges but has also positioned Leeds as a city committed to inclusive growth. The collaborative efforts, training initiatives, and the impactful hackathon event reflect the commitment to fostering positive change at both organizational and societal levels.

Leeds and Impera
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