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Case study

Empowering East London Communities through Citizen-Led Impact

In collaboration with East London Authorities, including Camden Council, Tower Hamlets, and Barking & Dagenham, Impera partnered with the University College London's Institute for Global Prosperity. The project aimed to address the lack of research capacity in local areas and measure economic and social prosperity in East London.

The objectives were:

  1. Deploy a citizen-led impact training program across the boroughs.

  2. Train both residents and council officers on qualitative research methodologies.

  3. Build research capacity within local communities.

Impera's innovative approach focused on empowering citizens and building research capacity:

  1. Training Program:

    • Conducted a structured 10-week training program on qualitative research methodologies.

    • Provided training on primary data collection and analysis.

    • Delivered coaching on effective public presentations.

  2. Citizen Scientists' Impact:

    • Enabled over 600 interviews with residents across East London to understand what constitutes a good life in the region.

    • Awarded UCL-accredited certifications for all citizen scientists, recognizing their commitment and expertise.


  • Successfully conducted over 600 interviews, gaining valuable insights into the factors contributing to a good life in East London.

  • Awarded UCL-accredited certifications to all citizen scientists, acknowledging their newfound skills and expertise.


  • Future employment opportunities created for all citizen scientists, ranging from public services to the education sector and private research companies.
  • A transformative impact on individual lives, including a former youth offender from Camden who pursued a degree in Social Work, and a researcher from Barking & Dagenham who successfully ran for and won a seat in local elections, now serving as a councillor.



Impera's collaboration with East London Authorities and the University College London's Institute for Global Prosperity exemplifies the transformative potential of citizen-led impact initiatives. By empowering residents with research skills, the project not only contributed valuable insights into East London's prosperity but also paved the way for positive societal change. This case study serves as a testament to the enduring impact of citizen-led initiatives on community development and individual empowerment.

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