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Utility Data Aggregator

Unlock Efficiency with faster results.

With growing concerns about climate change, there is mounting pressure on businesses, organisations, and governments to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards carbon neutrality. This tool provides a practical solution to help entities accurately measure their carbon emissions and take meaningful actions to reduce them, aligning with global sustainability goals.


Traditional methods of collecting and processing consumption data from utility bills can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, often taking weeks to complete. In today's fast-paced world, where efficiency is key, this tool offers a rapid and automated solution, saving significant time and resources for users.


Beyond environmental considerations, reducing carbon emissions can lead to economic benefits, such as cost savings through energy efficiency measures and improved public health outcomes due to reduced pollution. By facilitating carbon reduction efforts, this tool contributes to both economic prosperity and societal well-being.

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The 4 steps


Share utility bills


Parse utility data


Download results


Analyse data and create baseline

City Landscape

Which scopes do we include?

  • Gas

    Fugitive Emissions e.g. ACs and refrigerants

    Authority's Fleet 


  • Electricity

  • Electric fleet


Use the UDA today

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Tried and tested at Lichfield District Council

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