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Shaping the Future of Extra Care Housing in Hampshire - Predictive Analytics for Demand Modeling.

Hampshire County Council faced the challenge of understanding and anticipating the current and future demand for Extra Care Housing. Impera was engaged to develop a predictive analytical tool that could be applied at a granular level, down to wards across the entirety of Hampshire. The primary goal was to inform the design, size, location, and tenure of Extra Care Housing schemes.

The objectives were:

  1. Develop a predictive analytical tool for demand modeling of Extra Care Housing

  2. Train key staff in the Performance and Extra Care teams for tool utilization and dissemination

  3. Provide an evidence base for policy development, investment decisions, and land use planning

  4. Create personas/profiles of individuals eligible and likely to benefit from Extra Care schemes

Impera developed the following solutions:

  1. Predictive Analytical Tool: Developed a robust, data-rich tool providing key indicators at a ward level to inform the Extra Care Housing Strategy.

  2. Evidence Base: Established an evidence base to guide County Council decisions on policy development, investment, and land use, supporting the creation of new schemes and optimizing existing ones

  3. Personas/Profiles: Created personas/profiles of individuals eligible and likely to benefit from Extra Care schemes for Older Adults

  4. Knowledge and Skills Share: Facilitated knowledge and skills sharing sessions with the Hampshire County Council commissioning team.

  5. Training Across Districts: Provided training across all 11 districts and boroughs of Hampshire to ensure widespread and effective utilization of the tool.

The results had an internal and external impact!  The County Council commissioning team was empowered with knowledge and skills for effective use of the predictive analytical tool, ensuring widespread adoption and utilization through training across all districts and boroughs. The developed tool and evidence base guided policy development, investment decisions, and land use planning, supporting the provision of new schemes and optimizing existing ones.

Impera contributed £300 to a local Hampshire charity supporting people with disabilities to live independently, funding transport services for an individual for 18 months.

Impera's predictive analytics tool not only addressed the immediate need for understanding Extra Care Housing demand but also empowered Hampshire County Council with data-driven decision-making capabilities. The additional value of charitable contribution reflects Impera's commitment to creating positive impacts beyond the project's scope.

Impera and Hampshire
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