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Putting faces behind numbers



Inviting citizens to shape policies impacting their livelihood



Empowering individuals as active architects of change in policy-making

Redefining community engagement by shifting from top-down approaches to empowering individuals as active architects of policy making

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Citizen Led Impact Services


Concept Catalyst: The One-Day Ignition

1.Introduction: Making the case for Citizen-Led Impact.

2. Place-Based Policies: Designing sustainable policies. 

3.Re-thinking livelihood: The meaning of the good life.

4. Mapping the model: A step by step guide for impact.

5. Practice: Dipping into Citizen-Led research.


Trainer's Forge: The Two Day Mastery

Day 1: Learning: Introduction, Place-Based Policies, Re-thinking livelihood, Mapping the model, Practice.

Day 2: Application.


Ignite & Insight: The Three-Month Transformation

Month/Block 1: Learning.

Month/Block 2: Applying

Month/Block 3: Synthesizing 

Ideal for Councillors and Policy Officers.

"The programme's learning experience is amazing with well thought out strategies that are well presented. The trainers are patient, and they facilitate the understanding of strategies and tools. Learners become well versed about the topics presented through relevant examples.


The training made me want to continue the journey of becoming a community researcher.The team's years of amazing work with different diverse communities showed in their passion and commitment to make a difference and bring about impactful change. This experience is fun and enjoyable, with a relaxed but interactive learning environment for everyone." 


CLI 3-month transformation learner


Citizen Led Impact Features

Recruitment of members from targeted communities, particularly those directly affected by prevailing issues.

Community members undergo a comprehensive training to become community-based researchers and policy designers. The emphasis is on amplifying the voices of marginalized groups who are often overlooked.

The training is certified, and the credentials can be used, by community members, as stepping stone for career development. 

The structure of the engagement creates a long-term and sustainable relationship between policymakers and community members and provide real-life and consistent feedback loop to the needs evolution of communities.

The Citizen-led Impact model trains and supports local researchers to study livelihood factors in their neighborhoods. We aim to understand how economic, housing, municipal services, environmental, and social factors affect prosperity and well-being. Our goal is to use this research to shape policies, planning, and investments for better quality of life and opportunities in communities.

Citizen Led Impact Methods


Photography Methods: Photo-Elicitation Interviews (PEI)


Observation Methods: A x 4 – Actors, Artifacts, Activities, Atmosphere


Interview Methods: Walking ethnography, focus groups



Analysis Methods: Open Coding, Axial Coding, Selective Coding


Complex Systems: Addressing Wicked Problems


Public Speaking Methods: The Art of Storytelling


Policy Impact Methods: Publishing, Campaigning, Presentations

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This model has been tested with citizens, communities, local stakeholders, governments, public agencies and business in thirteen different countries (Greece, Lebanon, Rwanda, UK), to develop new ways of understanding what social progress means and how to measure it.

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