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Your ultimate destination for comprehensive social outcomes data across England

Place Insight serves as the central hub for accessing rich, insightful information about various social metrics and trends nationwide. Place Insight utilises the SPI framework to provide comprehensive datasets covering various aspects of social progress, including homelessness, education, crime, and more, offering a universal language and framework to measure social progress and understand community vulnerability, facilitating better decision-making.

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Data, Insight & Analysis

Amongst a wide range of data sources, Place Insight incorporates the Social Progress Index ™, which is structured around three dimensions and twelve components. It addresses critical inquiries such as: Do people have enough food to eat and are receiving basic medical care? Do people have access to an educational foundation? Are people's rights as individuals protected?

Place Insight include access to a Social Progress Index for every local authority area in England.

Who is it for?

Place Insight is invaluable for organisations and individuals who seek to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change. It is ideal for socially conscious businesses, non-profit organisations, government agencies, and philanthropic individuals who are committed to exploring new avenues for social investment. By running comprehensive market analyses and understanding their customer base, they can identify areas of opportunity to strategically allocate funding and assess the impact of their initiatives. Visualising social inequalities enables them to prioritize their efforts effectively and report on progress transparently, ensuring that resources are directed where they can make the most significant difference.

Local Government

Central Government

Financial Services

Integrated Care Systems

Higher Education


Philanthropic Organisations

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