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Transforming District Development with a Ward-Level Social Progress Index

Lichfield District Council (LDC) faced numerous challenges, including a lack of understanding of population outcomes, low data maturity, and the need for evidence supporting a Health in all Policies Approach. Impera was enlisted to develop a ward-level Social Progress Index and provide training to key staff and councillors. 

The objectives were:

  1. Develop a comprehensive Social Progress Index at a ward level.

  2. Enhance data maturity within LDC and establish a culture of data sharing

  3. Provide an evidence base for a Health in all Policies Approach.

  4. Establish a baseline measurement for the Lichfield Manifesto.

  5. Inform the Local Plan through data-driven insights.

Impera developed the following solutions:

  1. Social Progress Index: Created and implemented a ward-level Social Progress Index, accessible at

  2. Data Sharing Agreement: Facilitated a data-sharing agreement between LDC and Staffordshire County Council, enabling the exchange of anonymized data on adult social care usage and education outcomes for children in Lichfield.

  3. Training and Workshops: Provided comprehensive training sessions for key staff and all councillors. Conducted workshops with local partners, including health partners, civic society, and the chamber of commerce.

The results were internal and external. Data standards were improved and a culture of data sharing across all internal teams was established. Strong relationships between LDC and Staffordshire County Council fostered effective data sharing enabling predictive analytics using the dataset.


Impera's strategic interventions not only addressed the specific challenges faced by LDC but also fostered a collaborative environment, enhancing both internal processes and external relationships. The ward-level Social Progress Index now stands as a vital tool for informed decision-making, promoting transparency, and supporting initiatives that positively impact the community.

Impera and Lichfield
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