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Shaping the Future of Greater Lincolnshire: A Data-Driven Approach to Vision Development

Within the context of Greater Lincolnshire, encompassing nine borough and district councils, there was a need for a shared vision and supporting narrative for the next 30 years. Impera, in collaboration with Inner Circle Consulting and PA Consulting, undertook the challenge to develop a social outcome tool at the borough and district ward level. The primary aim was to create a shared purpose, accountability, and assurance with a delivery plan across leaders and chief executives.

The objectives were:

1.Build a social outcome tool at a borough and district ward level, incorporating relevant outcome datasets.

2. Develop data-driven personas to tell stories about the lived experience of Lincolnshire's residents.

Impera addressed the challenges through a comprehensive approach:

  1. Social outcome tool: Developed a robust social outcome tool used for vision development, providing insights at the borough and district ward level.

  2. Data driven workshops: Conducted data-driven workshops to engage stakeholders and collaboratively shape the vision for Greater Lincolnshire

  3. Data driven personas: Created a set of data-driven personas to tell stories about residents' quality of life across Lincolnshire, adding a human touch to the data.

Organizational impact:

Supported the development of an Economic Strategy and Vision document alongside consortium partners, councils, and key stakeholders. Aligned policy in key areas and shifted focus towards highlighting what is great in Lincolnshire

Impact on society: 

The final products of the assignment played a crucial role in supporting a devolution deal, as evidenced by the Government's announcement of the Greater Lincolnshire devolution proposal.

Impera's collaboration with Inner Circle Consulting and PA Consulting resulted in a data-driven approach to vision development for Greater Lincolnshire. By creating a social outcome tool and data-driven personas, the project not only influenced organizational strategies but also contributed to a devolution proposal, showcasing the tangible impact of data storytelling on shaping the future of a region.

Lincolnshire and Impera
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