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Paving the Way to Net Zero - Carbon Emission Baseline Development

In response to the commitment to achieve net-zero status by 2035 and the declaration of a climate emergency in December 2019, Impera and Lichfield developed a carbon emission baseline tool for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions across the district. The primary goal was to support and inform the creation of a comprehensive climate action plan.

The objectives were:

  1. Develop a carbon emission baseline tool for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

  2. collect data across all relevant assets.

  3. Support and inform the creation of a robust climate action plan.

Impera developed the following solutions:

  1. Data Collection: Conducted comprehensive data collection across all relevant assets to ensure a thorough understanding of the carbon footprint.

  2. Utility Data Aggregator: Deployed an innovative automated data preparation tool capable of processing 100+ utility bills in just 10 seconds, streamlining the data compilation process for emission calculations.

  3. .Coaching: Provided coaching and guidance to the internal climate and ecology policy team to enhance their capacity and understanding.

The results had an internal and external impact! A culture of meticulous data recording and collation of energy usage within the organization was established. 

The internal climate and ecology policy team was empowered with enhanced knowledge and skills. The developed carbon emission baseline serves as a crucial foundation for informed decision-making and the development of effective strategies to achieve the net-zero commitment.

Recognition: The project sponsor received the prestigious "Rising Star Award" at the Local Government Awards in 2023, highlighting the exceptional impact of the initiative

Impact on society:

Impera's expertise and innovative solutions not only addressed the urgent need for a carbon emission baseline but also contributed to the establishment of a data-driven culture within the organization. The recognition received at the Local Government Awards for the project sponsor and their wider work signifies the sector's acknowledgement that net zero is a growing policy area which requires the right tools and attention. The Impera team piloted our Utility Data Aggregator tool to support Lichfield's team in organising its energy data.

Impera Net Zero
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