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Case study

Transforming Lives in Birmingham - Proactive Early Intervention & Prevention

The City of Birmingham faced significant challenges in effectively identifying and intervening with vulnerable families at risk of homelessness. The Assistant Director of Early Intervention & Prevention (EI&P) spearheaded an ambitious initiative to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach. Impera, engaged as the consulting partner, provided expertise in Cohort Analytics, designed a comprehensive Data Strategy for Early Intervention & Prevention, and facilitated the design and delivery of a groundbreaking proactive outreach pilot.

The objectives were:

  1. Design a data-driven cohort of vulnerable families at risk of homelessness.

  2. Design and implement a proactive outreach mechanism, or "nudge."

  3. Develop an evaluation framework for the pilot.

  4. Deploy and evaluate the proactive outreach pilot.


Impera's strategic approach aligned with Birmingham's vision for transformation:

  1. Outcomes Framework Design:

    • Designed and delivered a robust outcomes framework for the pilot, ensuring clarity in objectives and measurable criteria.

  2. Team Training:

    • Trained the in-house team to effectively utilise gov.notify text messaging, a key component of the proactive outreach.

  3. Data Strategy for Cohort Identification:

    • Formulated a data strategy to identify a vulnerable cohort: residents at risk of homelessness.

    • Identified a specific cohort of families who, despite requesting food bank vouchers, had underclaimed or not claimed other eligible benefits.

  4. Evaluation Post Pilot:

    • Conducted a thorough evaluation post a 4-month pilot period, assessing the impact and outcomes achieved.

Impera and birmingham


  • Organisational Impact:

    • Delivered a completely new way of working, transforming the service offer from reactive to proactive.

    • Built in-house capacity and capability to run multiple future cohorts.

  • Business Case Validation:

    • The evaluation post the pilot proved the business case for EI&P, supporting the published case study titled "Prevention is 3x better than cure."

  • Societal Impact:

    • The pilot supported 39 families over a 4-month period, with a total cumulative value of benefits delivered amounting to £94k.

    • Supported 17 individuals with a disability, preventing further escalation into Adult Social Care, resulting in a total cost avoidance of £1.32m.

Impera's collaboration with Birmingham's EI&P team successfully transformed lives through proactive early intervention. The shift to data-driven strategies showcased the city's commitment to innovative solutions, ultimately improving outcomes for vulnerable families and validating the power of prevention. This case study stands as a testament to Birmingham's dedication to creating positive societal impact through strategic data initiatives.

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