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Designing for Better Outcomes for Children & Families in Hackney

Faced with financial pressures and operational inefficiencies, the Children & Education Directorate of the London Borough of Hackney (LBH) sought Impera's expertise to redesign their Performance & Monitoring Function. The project aimed to address challenges related to team structures, manual data processing, and the need for a more data and evidence-led approach

The objectives were:

  1. Redesign the Performance & Monitoring Function in preparation for a workforce consultation.

  2. Design data resources and tools to enhance data and evidence-led decision-making.

  3. Evaluate a roadmap for Earned Autonomy under the Supported Families Programme

  4. Provide coaching and knowledge transfer to LBH's Outcomes, Business Intelligence & Systems Team (OBIS).

  5. Design the Hackney Outcomes Tool to support the Systemic, Trauma Informed & Anti-Racist  (STAR) initiative across the Directorate.

Impera executed a comprehensive strategy to address LBH's challenges:

  1. Collaborated closely with the OBIS team through workshops on the art-of-the-possible with data.

  2. Team Structure Redesign: Conducted deep-dive workshops on team structures, roles, and responsibilities. Redesigned and introduced new job descriptions for the team.

  3. Identifying Key Issues: Identified key issues such as data standards and training needs. Designed fixed-term resource roles and a plan to alleviate these within the next 12 months.

  4. Data Strategy and Framework: Developed a data strategy and framework for the Hackney Outcomes Tool.

  5. Logic Models for STAR Initiative: Delivered five logic models supporting LBH's STAR initiative.


1. Shared knowledge and skills with the OBIS team.

2. Redesigned service structure ready for consultation, addressing a £1.3m budget gap and ensuring a balanced service budget for the next fiscal year.

3. Established a data strategy and framework, setting the stage for developing outcomes tools.

4. Implemented a roadmap for an Earned Autonomy application under the Supported Families Programme. 

Impera's collaboration with LBH's Children & Education Directorate not only addressed financial pressures and operational inefficiencies but also laid the foundation for a data-driven and evidence-led approach. The redesigned team structure, developed data strategy, and logic models contribute to LBH's commitment to excellence in outcomes for children and families

Impera and Hackney
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