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Where Data meets Purpose 


We're on a Social Impact mission

At Impera, we are a UK-based data analytics company with a social purpose, dedicated to assisting organizations with a shared commitment to social impact. Our collaborative efforts extend across diverse sectors, including local and central governments, charitable foundations, and corporates. Grounded in the belief that positive change begins with informed decisions, our mission is to contribute to the creation of better societies, one data point at a time.

We are a team of responsible, ethical and friendly professionals, all of whom have worked at the top tiers in government and business and bring a wealth of experience across from across the globe.

Impera and Change over time




We build, or help you to build, impactful data tools and products that generate insight and enable strategic and operational decision making based on evidence.

We provide in-depth advice and leadership to your data transformation programmes, as well as help shape your insight-led organisational delivery models. We help shape the tools, teams, and systems to get the best value out of your data.

We empower individuals and organisations in both the public and private sectors to navigate the complexities of human centred design. We bring the outside in; building capacity in communities to help solve their own issues.

Our products and services

Place Insight

Your ultimate destination for comprehensive social data across England. Place Insight serves as the central hub for accessing rich, insightful information about various social metrics and trends nationwide.

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Citizen Led Impact

This model focuses on training and supporting people to work as researchers in their
neighbourhoods. The aim is to focus on developing research to influence policy, planning and investment to improve quality of life and opportunities in their neighbourhoods.


Utility Data Aggregator

Designed to streamline your journey towards carbon neutrality, the UDA handles the data processing for you so you can focus on actions to improve the environment.

Paving the Way to Net Zero - Carbon Emission Baseline Development in Lichfield

We've worked with

Impera and Leeds
Impera and Barking and Dagenham
Impera and Impact on Urban Health
Impera and Hampshire
 Impera and Lichfield
 Impera and Luton
Impera and Wandsworth
Impera and Richmond
Impera and Lincolnshire
Impera and Hackney
Impera and Local trust

News Highlights

Lichfield District Council announces a trailblazing new partnership with the Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care Board (SST ICB) and Impera Analytics Ltd who are collaborating to share anonymised NHS health data to improve community well-being and strategic decision-making across the district.

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